Nicole Kelly
Sensual Sophisticate,
Charming Companionship

I feel truly fortunate to reside in this City by the Bay, San Francisco, and strive to take full advantage of its many charms. In fact, I’d say I’m the unofficial PR rep for the city. Great restaurants abound, from nouveau comfort food to haute cuisine, and suggesting an enticing spot to enjoy dinner together would be my pleasure. Live theater is certainly a favorite diversion for me and I’m always up-to-date on the local scene, but I am also fond of simply chatting about current events over a glass of wine, one on one, in a quiet lounge.

As for physical attributes that may not be immediately visible from the photos on this site, I’m very curvy yet slender and tall, about 5’9”. I am all natural in every regard and am free of tattoos and unorthodox piercings. My ancestry is fairly exotic and is reflected in my olive complexion and dark eyes. I stay in shape by regularly practicing dance, yoga, and the requisite gym visits. I tend to dress demurely, eschewing heavy make-up and loud perfume, yet I adore lingerie. Garter belts, stockings and all manner of frilly, lacy underthings especially of the vintage variety, make me giddy. Having recently entered my 30's, I exude the confidence and sensual assurance that comes with a dollop of experience.

My main passions are travel, literature, excellent food and nights at the theatre. I am a voracious reader - my favorite publications include The New Yorker, Vanity Fair and National Geographic. I keep up to date on current events and believe that a discussion of the latest world affairs over a glass of Pinot is a potent preamble to more carnal delights.

I have stamps on every page of my passport... although there are still so many places I dream of seeing! I have lived and studied extensively throughout Europe and Latin America. I am bilingual and have resolved to become a polyglot post haste. I also love SCUBA diving, reading in bed and soaking up the sun.        

Guilty pleasures include taking inordinately long baths, surrendering to truffle cravings.

My wishlist should also give some insight into what tickles my fancy...Cue fluttering eyelashes.

My blog might also give you a glimpse into what interests and amuses me: